Damon® Clear braces


Clear ceramic braces

Hodges Orthodontics offers Damon Clear braces for treatment. Thanks to these innovative new braces, achieving your perfect smile will be faster and easier – and much less noticeable – than you ever thought possible. Damon Clear braces work in the same way as the metal Damon braces, but they’re made of a clear, ceramic material that makes it difficult to tell if you’re wearing braces at all.

You’re probably wondering why we don’t use them for everyone. The clear material is less durable than metal and can break more easily. They are also slightly larger, covering more of the tooth than metal braces. The good news is, with a little bit of TLC, they look and work amazing.

The Insignia System allows Dr. Hodges to customize Damon Braces by using 3D technology. With all the same benefits of the metal Damon System, we can move your teeth to their new position with lighter forces and less pain. Instead of spending 2-3 years in braces, lots of our patients complete their treatment in close to 12 months!

Hodges Orthodontics offers the Damon System because we believe it provides a much easier, less painful, less confusing, and straightforward experience for our patients of all ages. It’s that simple.